Cosmetic Medicines/Semi-Permanent Make-up (Guest Practitioners)

Our very own Harley Street Qualified Aesthetic Practitioner holds regular cosmetic medicine clinics at Lloyd Adams, offering dermal fillers, wrinkle relaxers, lip enhancement, and dermal roller therapy.

Semi-Permanent Make-Up

Pigments are implanted into the skin to restore natural colour and to simulate conventional make-up. Semi-permanent make-up lasts from two to five years, depending on your skin.

Initial Fee 4 Week
1 Year
Top-Up After
1 Year*
Powdered or Block Brows £295 £50 £98 £155
3D Hair Strokes £315 £50 £105 £160
Lash Enhancement £295 £50 £96 £150
Luscious Lashes £315 £50 £140 £190
(-£100 if only have top or bottom eyelid)
Lip Enhancement
Lip Liner £300 £50 £98 £155
Lip Blush £345 £50 £115 £165
Full Lip £400 £50 £150 £195
Beauty Spots From £45
Paramedical Procedures Prices on consultation


A top-up is needed 4 weeks after the initial treatment to ensure you get the best results and life from your makeup.

* If your makeup has completely faded new prices will apply. For any amendments within 8 weeks of the initial treatment a £50 charge will be incurred per visit.

Helen Porter BFDA has over 12 years of experience in the field of Medical and Cosmetic Tattooing. Having qualified in 1994 in the beauty industry, Helen has lectured across Europe and America on her revolutionary tattooing techniques. Her goal is to produce flawless make-up that enhances her clients natural features resulting in beautiful make-up 24/7.